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The QC10 ballbar connects to the serial port on most
computers. No special expansion slots is required. Runs on
Windows® 95, 98, 200, ME, NT4, and XP and requires Internet
Explorer 5.5 or later. New multilingual software includes
analyses for latest ISO 230-4 and ANSI B5.57 as well as
Renishaw's own diagnoses of the specific error sources.

Supplied with a new rugged carrying case for easy portability
and storage.
Ballbar (100 mm) with RS232 serial interface
Magnetic mounting kit
Extension bars - 50 mm, 150 mm and 300 mm
Ballbar 5 diagnostic software CD
QC10 user manual
Carrying case
Calibration certficate
Part number: A - 8014 - 0629
Z-axis Accessory Kit
Small Circle Accessory Kit
QC ballbar system
Z-axis accessory kit
The Z-axis accessory kit enables 360 degree tests to be carried
out on lathes and simplifies the set-up of tests in the XZ and YZ
plane on machining centers.
Turret arm assembly
Spindle bar assembly
Magnetic screw cup
User guide
Carrying case
Part number: A - 8014 - 0551
Small circle accessory kit
This accessory kit allows the QC10 ballbar to test a 50 mm
radius. It is also possible to perform a 15 mm radius test.
Care should be taken when selecting a feed rate as there is a
risk of ballbar/magnetic cup dislocation at high speeds.
Transducer adaptor
High magnetic tool cups
Zerodur calibrator
Carrying case
Part number: A - 8014 - 0501
Internet special: $6741.00
Reg. Price: $7490.00
shipping: $32.00
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