Gold Standard Calibration System
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ML10 laser head and EC10 enviornment unit
Linear measuring kit and laser10 software
Standard tripod and case
Renishaw supercase

Part number: A - 8003 - LIN
The heart of the Renishaw calibration system is the new Gold
Standard ML10 and EC10 combination. Two ML10 variants are
available: the ML10 for measurements up to 40 m, and the
ML10X for measurements up to 80 m. Both are based on the
0.05 ppm, 1.0 m/sec, m 0.001 resolution unit.
Linear measurement system
This is a typical system designed for positional accuracy
applications. It provides all the basic components necessary,
with the exception of a PS
For applications where a longer range is required (over 40 m),
or where straightness and rotary measurement options are to
be added, we recommend the use of the long range ML10X
laser head in lieu of the standard ML10.

Part number: A - 8003 - LINX
NOTE: long range linear optics are not included in this package.

To add the capability of the basic linear system, you may add additional optic kits such as angle (pitch and yaw),
straightness, squareness and flatness together with other accessories such as the RX10 rotary axis calibrator and
LS350 laser beam steerer.

Dual axis laser system
This system is designed specifically for large gantry type machines or other applications where the simultaneous
measurements of two axes is required.
2 ML10X laser heads
1 EC10 enviornmental unit
2 linear measuring kits
2 long range optic kits
2 optic mounting kits
1 PCM20 interface kit
1 PCM20 2nd axis kit
1 Laser10 software package
2 tripods
2 supercases
2 tripod cases

Part number: A - 8003 - DAPM